Surfaces Disinfection Services 

MDS provides a comprehensive approach to deliver cost effective deep disinfection service

to educational, healthcare, commercial and many other sectors.

Our innovative deep disinfection service protocol, product and services enhances the current deployed procedures, providing safe, reliable and effective end to end surface and environmental disinfection service.

Covid 19

Bacteria and viruses 

There are a few areas where bacteria is commonly found at schools. These areas are touchpoints that receive a lot of contact throughout the day, such as cafeteria tables, surfaces in bathrooms, desks, computer keyboards, door knobs, handrails, phones and toys. Bacteria and viruses are found in body fluids, including:


• Mucus

• Saliva

• Vomit

• Stool (feces)

• Discharges from the eyes and from skin sores or wounds

Merseyside Disinfection Services 

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