Commercial Disinfection Services

Environmental cleanliness is not a function, it’s a principle. You try to make your workplace as congenial as possible. Awarding bonuses and overtime isn’t enough now to make them work more enthusiastically and properly. Their health definitely counts a lot. More safe and sound they are, more productive they will be. A great number of people meet in such places with no health precautions.


  • Improve employee productivity

  • Create germ-free environment

  • Reduce absenteeism in workplace

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Asset preservation and maintenance

MDS Disinfection Protocol

We use HPV technology to disinfect the environment and the surfaces. Once our dry fog contacts the surface, the reaction with surface contaminants is very rapid, and after reaction with the surface infection, the active ingredients simply breaks down into pure oxygen and water. Once the water has dissipated, the disinfection process is complete, leaving no undesirable, corrosive or hazardous residues that may require removal before re-occupation. Once the disinfection is complete, the disinfection system leaves traces of the disinfection ingredients on the surface that are undetectable and non-toxic, but which remain to actively and efficiently inhibit any decontamination of the surfaces.

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