Healthcare Disinfection Services

As an Infection Prevention, you are a guardian of patient safety, the strategist at the helm who helps safeguard the clinic against deadly pathogens and enacts control measures accordingly. You also initiate quality improvement activities in your healthcare facility. 


Environmental disinfection is one of the key components of a high quality, comprehensive infection prevention program along with hand hygiene and antibiotic stewardship. 

Healthcare Facilities Disinfection

Appropriate disinfection and sterilization procedures are a must for control of hospital-acquired infection, as failure can result in many hospital-acquired infections thus leading to increased cost, morbidity and mortality. 


Disinfection in hospital practice is mainly achieved either by surface disinfection (e.g., disinfection of surfaces of the tables, trolleys, instruments, walls and floors, etc.) or immersing the contaminated objects in the disinfectant solution. 


The process of disinfection may be affected by many variables like temperature, contact period, pH and concentration of the disinfectant, bio burden, organic soil and hardness of water used for dilution. Therefore, the disinfectant ought to be tested in the field for the specified application to ensure its effectiveness. 


There is limited awareness among health care workers about choosing an appropriate disinfectant, especially in small health care settings. Usually, an agent with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity is chosen based on the literature provided by manufacturers.