Vehicles Disinfection Services 

All transportation vehicles can be the greatest germ couriers of the most dangerous, and transmissible diseases. Surfaces frequently and repeatedly touched and used can causing various infections.


Unpleasant smell residues of smoking and sweating produced by the people availing these vehicles create discomfort too. Inhaling these can harm your lungs too. 

MDS Vehicles Disinfection

There are a few areas where bacteria is commonly found at schools. These areas are touch points that receive a lot of contact throughout the day, such as buses seats, taxi door handles, train seats, generally most surfaces in public transport. 

The benefits to disinfect these surfaces are :

  • Protect the health of you, your family, passengers, and customers.

  • Create germ-free environment.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and referrals.

  • Remove odors from your vehicle including tobacco and pet odors.

  • We service ambulance, fire, Police, Taxi, public transportation, and fleet vehicles.

Image by Paul Fiedler